Roman Ruins of Jerash

by Natalie Lo
Colonnaded street in Jerash, Jordan

When people consider a trip to Jordan, they think first of the ancient city of Petra and the surreal red desert of Wadi Rum. However, Jerash should also rank high on a traveler’s itinerary, the ruins found there resemble an ancient Roman city. A little over 30 miles north of Amman, Jerash is also an easy day trip from the capital city.

Over 2000 years old, Jerash sprawls over a large area, and outside of Italy, I’ve never visited a more complete ancient Roman city.  The forum, colonnaded streets, temples, and nymphaeum are well preserved due to the dry, desert air. From the impressive Hadrian’s Arch to the nearly perfect South Theatre and stunning oval Forum, the ruins of Jerash reveal the ancient civilization built under an emperor’s rule.

With a site of this scale and its remarkable condition, one can easily imagine the entire imperial city in all of its former glory.

Hadrian's Arch, gateway to Jerash, Jordan
Forum, Jerash
Columns in Jerash


Buy the Jordan Pass in advance of your stay to get free access to Jerash and forty other attractions in Jordan, including Petra and Wadi Rum.

We traveled from Amman to Jerash by a private taxi. Our taxi driver, Mohammed, who we met in Petra, became our driver for the remainder of our trip. Except for the Uber drivers in Amman, most drivers seemed to want to take visitors to their various destinations for the duration of their stay. 

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